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06 February 2010 @ 08:06 pm
We're back!  
Hello! :)

What is this you say, an actual entry? Or maybe you don't even remember joining this community which just goes to show how long I've been neglecting you! I'm so sorry for that but I'M BACK! Well, unofficially... we'll see how we go, hey? I'm Vanessa by the way!

So my (our) fellow mods raiindust, vividcuriosity (who are also back from their 'little' whirlwind trip... can I get a, "Hell yeah!") & artofcruelty decided to turn this community into a book lovin' community where we can share our favourite books or even our not so favourite books if you feel that strongly about them! Anything book related is welcome so go ahead and post!

For some reason I've entered a reading frenzy of late (as you can see below*) and went a bit mad at the library as I'm a poor TAFE student and would be broke/in serious credit card debt if I was to purchase all of them!

*Wagon Wheels for sustenance! ;-) Oh and yes, the book turned the wrong way around is Karen Joy Fowler's The Sweetheart Season - she's the author of the Jane Austen Book Club.

I finished Julie & Julia this afternoon and was quite surprised how I didn't get frustrated reading the book after seeing the film first (something that happens to me A LOT).

During this month I've also read:
>> A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
>> When It Happens by Susanne Colasanti
>> The Bride Stripped Bare by Anonymous (Nikki Gemmell)

I'm reading this tonight for a little fun!

If you don't have time to post your own entries I'll still love to know what you're reading, wanting to read, or if you've read any of the above books and what you thought of them, etc, etc! :)

Feel free to add me here on LJ or twitter if you'd like. I'm 130587
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camembert [hyperion]: [Jensen] ackles kinkgiantlovetingle on February 6th, 2010 04:02 pm (UTC)
Firstly, I would be very excited to hear more about 'How To Date a Vampire' - it sounds like it could a really fun read!

And secondly, I'm so happy this community is back. I've gotten into a little bit of a reading kick too, especially over the summer holidays so when I get time tomorrow I might post about my favourites <333

min.: stock; tea & sympathygreeneyes_17 on February 7th, 2010 10:29 am (UTC)
haha, cool stuff (: i might do a post soon. i just read a couple of books cos its the summer holidays. i'm trying to get more reading done, before uni starts, but then life's a little busy atm. heh.
thanks for sharing V! ♥
i'm not really a waitress...: misc. edinburgh.raiindust on February 8th, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)
V - how much are you into fantasy-esque ... fuck it, do you read or have you ever wanted to read Neil Gaiman? Because, I've now read three and a quarter of his books and they have slowly been building up on my awesome list. But - the main point of this is READ AMERICAN GODS. It's phenomenal, mind-blowingly brilliant stuff. Neverwhere is also a good read, but I'd say avoid Stardust if you loved the film because the two are dramatically different (that being said, I'm planning on re-reading it soon because I have a major crush on this guy right now). But seriously, American Gods must be the only book that I've ever managed to get through without being annoyed ONCE with the protagonist, Shadow. And I seriously fell more and more in love and adoration with the guy while reading it. And it's also incredibly clever. Like, things fall into place in the first read, but it's one of those books that, when you re-read it (I've started... lol, I started three weeks after I finished it the first time) everything makes sense from the start, and he's been incredibly smart in the way he's shaped things. I think I might do some kind of review eventually, because I adored it that freaking much. But yes, I wanted to tell you to read it before I forgot!