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09 October 2008 @ 10:57 am
#01 → the idea of the community it to come together and share our thoughts and feelings about books we've read. we need members to be active in their commenting otherwise the whole community won't work

#02 → each month we'll put up two or three options of books for members to read. you're in no way limited to these books but they will be our 'official' books of the month for discussion, keeping with the idea of a book club
if you want to create your own separate post for discussing a specific issue you've come across in the novel, or something that has tweaked your curiosity, by all means post away. just make sure your post follows the posting guidelines and that all spoilers are under a cut so as not to spoil members not up to that part of the novel

#03 → members can post recommendations or reviews of other books they've read whenever they want.

#04 → no bashing other members for their thoughts on the book. if you didn't like it then feel free to vent but don't attack other members if their opinion if different to yours.

#05 → remember, for this community to work you've gotta put the time in. read the book and take part in the discussions, it'll be fun and enriching all at once.
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